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LEL 2013 DVD


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The DVD and Blu-Ray are available, in both PAL and NTSC,  and can be ordered from Damon Peacock, 7 Fowler Avenue, Farington Moss, Leyland, PR26 6RL

Cheques payable to D.A. Peacock

PayPal is via damonpeacock@lineone.net

The cost will be £18.50 for the DVD and £21.50 for the Blu-Ray, inc. postage and packing in the UK. Cost to Europe is £21.00 and to elsewhere in the world £21.50 for the DVD. Blu-Ray is  £24 to Europe £24.50 Elsewhere.




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Blu Ray.

This is a much higher definition format, with four times the information on it. It requires a different player, and a HD television. For a number of reasons there can be problems with discs in older machines. It's mainly a problem with North America, and Japan. There is a list of compatible machines below for North America. If you want to show the film to a club, then this format is ideal when coupled with a HD projector. There is a 25 fps version and a 30 fps (actually 29.97 fps) version. The 30fps version runs very smoothly, but the 25 fps is the original, so if you are certainthat you can play that version it's the one to go for. I'd normally ship the 30fps version to North America and Japan, so make a note if you specifically want the 25 fps version.



Blu Ray Compatibility.

I've had reports of some Blu-Ray players not handling the discs I produce. it's a two stage problem, some players in the USA don't like 25 frames per second discs, so I've made a 30 frames per second disc to accomodate that problem. other players don't play BD-R discs produced on a computer. I found a list of compatible players. http://www.summationtechnology.com/blu-ray-player-compatibility-chart.htm

if you are in North America and want a Blu-Ray disc check that your machine is compatible.

I've had no reports of problems from Europe with Blu Ray discs.

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