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LEL 2017 DVD buy.



Last year we filmed LEL 2017, and in December we put a completed video online at Vimeo on Demand. I’ve been busy since then, but I was waiting for a cataract operation on my right eye. That would mean that I would have some time to produce a DVD of the event.







The content of the disc is largely the same as online, but is a single film lasting 70 minutes. It starts automatically, and there are chapter markings, which can be used to navigate from control to control.



I did wonder if producing a DVD/BluRay was worthwhile, as to many it’s a ‘legacy format’. I’ve concluded that there’s a lot of ‘legacy’ in LEL, and that there are many ways that we tell ourselves the story of those days in July and August 2017. 



The briefest outlines of LEL 2017 lie in the Brevet cards, showing the progress of the ride from control to control. Our memories fill in the gaps between, backed up by a host of blogs, photographs and videos, available online, and in magazine articles. 



This DVD is one of the more elaborate records, seeking to provide a number of views of LEL 2017. It can never be a comprehensive roundup of the ride, as everyone had a different experience. We can only hope that it reignites some memories of the experience, and provides some insight for those who may feel like attempting it in 2021.



Each time that we've filmed LEL or PBP, we've added something into the mix. This time it was a view from the air, provided by Hovershotz, a drone filming company based in Cumbria.





Supporting can involve a lot of waiting. 









All the participants had a story to tell.








The DVD is in the PAL format initially. I may produce one in the NTSC standard if there is enough demand. I intend to produce a Blu Ray.

The DVD costs £18.00 inc p&p to the UK, £21.00 to the EU, £22.00 to the rest of the world. My address is 7 Fowler Avenue, Farington Moss, Leyland PR26 6RL, United Kingdom. You can also pay through Paypal, either from a Paypal account, or with a bank card.




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