Damon Peacock
PBP 2011


I completed PBP 2011, and I've now made a film, it's available on DVD . Click on the above picture to see a sample of the material.


Paris Brest Paris 2011

The film is in a number of parts, the first nine chapters are a 50 minute film from the start to the finish of PBP. It’s not strictly in order, it’s more an impression of some of the different aspects of Paris Brest Paris. I’ve ridden it four times, and this is the third time I’ve filmed it, so this film is a distillation of some of the ideas I’ve had about the subject. Chapters 10 and 11 are about what happens at the start and finish. When you are riding the event you see a limited number of other people again and again. You are more likely to see yourself at the start and finish, but it’s harder to keep the pace of the film moving if you spend too much time at St Quentin. After the start and finish sections there is some bare footage of finishing riders, this is in case you might see yourself. It’s difficult to film, so it might be just a glimpse. I’ve gone through the two hours+ of finishers that we have and filtered the riders of obvious nationalities. So there’s a version for each set of riders of about 15 minutes. There was still some space left on the disc after that, so I put on the story of Drew Buck and his 1901 bike, the Tandem Trike of Mark Brooking and Arabella Maude, Sophie Matter and her Dutch Bike, Aldo Mangione and the Swiss Army Bike and the Triplet of the Claass brothers.

It’s intended that the first 50 minutes is for interested friends and family, and the later sections are for committed riders.

You can send me a cheque made out to Damon Peacock, at 7 Fowler Avenue, Farington Moss, Leyland, PR26 6RL. Or pay via paypal with the button below.




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